Why Replacing Your Windows Will Save You Money

Why Replacing Your Windows Will Save You Money
You may have an outdated and older home that is in desperate need of its windows upgraded, or you may not even realise that your windows are underperforming. Either way, it is a smart idea not to wait until your home is freezing and draughts are blazing in. There are a variety of warning signs that can let you know if your windows are not performing how they should be. At Highland Homestyle, we have created a helpful guide to aid you in deciding if you are in need of new windows in 2024.

Look at the Appearance of your windows

The first thing to look at is how your windows look. While from far away, they might look fine, up close, some details can highlight your windows need replacing. Look for signs of discolouration and damage. If you have a newer window to compare it to, you can look at the differences between them. A key area to look at is the seals, as this is where air, mould, and decay can enter your home, and there are vital signs that you need to upgrade your windows.If you are concerned about maintaining the classic heritage style of your windows, then don’t worry; there are ways to keep your current windows or replicate the look of your windows with higher performing modern windows. We offer woodgrain finishes that replicate the look of wooden timber windows without the disadvantages that wooden windows provide. Wooden windows are susceptible to rotting, warping and swelling compared to materials such as uPVC, which are robust and weather resistant.Condensation can often be a warning sign. Condensation can cause mould, which can damage your windows. Upgrade to energy efficient double glazing and uPVC frames for a more thermally efficient home.

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Assess the performance of your windows

Whilst the appearance is an important sign, the performance of your windows also indicates if they are functioning correctly. If you have noticed mould when checking the appearance of your windows, then your windows probably do not provide weather protection as they are likely to let water in.Whilst double glazing is excellent for keeping the warmth inside your home in the winter months, if they retain too much heat in the summer months, then this could be an indicator that your glazing isn’t working efficiently. Modern double glazing allows for your home to maintain consistent temperatures rather than extreme temperatures.If you find yourself slamming your windows shut or having to find the right angle to open and close them, then your windows are probably not working correctly; this can be due to the wear and tear of older windows or poor insulation.If you notice damage in the seals of your windows or that you have only single glazed windows, you might experience added noise pollution. Have you seen yourself being disturbed by outside noises? Your windows may be letting noise in. Modern double glazing and robust seals can muffle the outside noises.

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Why is energy efficiency important?

As energy bills are rising and we are currently in a cost of living crisis, it is a bright idea to look at ways to create a more energy efficient home to help save money on your energy bills whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. At Highland Homestyle, we offer energy saving solutions that will improve the thermal efficiency of your home. Our windows are made from highly energy efficient materials and double glazed glass for ultimate thermal comfort.Double glazing can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your windows. Double glazing features two thick glass panels that are separated by an airtight gap that is filled with air bubbles to slow down heat transfer. It makes you less reliant on your central heating and saves you money on your energy bills.As some building regulations require minimum U-values, it is essential to ensure that your windows are up to date.

What are U-values?

We understand that energy saving is an essential factor for homeowners. However, many homeowners need help knowing where to begin or the terminology that some companies use. At Highland Homestyle, we want to make improving the energy efficiency of your home a simple and easy process.U-values are a common term when looking at the energy efficiency of a glazing unit. U-values are the units used to measure the heat that escapes from the product. The lower the U-value the better.

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Create an energy efficient home

Are you looking to create a more energy efficient home? Highland Homestyle is here to help, we offer energy efficient home improvement solutions to make a more comfortable and cosy home that you can enjoy all year round. For more information on how we can upgrade your home, contact us. Call us on 01738 553 552 or email us at info@highlandhomestyle.co.uk. Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.