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Energy Efficient Windows & Doors – The Complete Guide

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Energy-Efficient Windows And Doors Savings: The Complete Guide

Windows and doors with inadequate insulation lose heat and money. Your current windows and doors may let heat out through draughts, improperly fitted frames, and subpar panes, among other methods. It’s not good for the environment or your wallet. The time has come to “energy-proof” your home because of the rising cost of energy and the lengthening winters.

This comprehensive article explains the advantages of replacing your outdated windows and doors as well as how much money you may actually save on energy costs.

How much could I save by having new windows & doors?

Right now, the money you could save on your energy bill is growing. The Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF)’s calculator illustrates the potential savings you could experience from new, energy-efficient windows and doors.

In fact, switching from uPVC double glazing installed prior to 2002 to Highland Homestyle’s A+-rated windows could result in a £196.06 yearly energy cost savings.

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A summary of your potential savings

The figures are based on a detached house, with standard sized windows, gas central heating and currently have uPVC windows already installed.

The GGF Energy Savings Calculator only provides an estimate of potential savings as a result of installing energy-efficient windows.

The calculator assumes the homeowner has taken all other practical measures to optimise the energy efficiency of their dwelling. Such measures may include cavity wall and loft insulation, as well as the installation of an energy efficient heating system.




CO2 Emissions in tonnes


Carbon Usage in tonnes


Total savings

The Invisible Benefits

Thermal imaging reveals that you might be figuratively throwing money out the window. Prior to replacing them with our new thermally efficient ones, heat was seen fleeing through the old windows and door, as indicated by the strong red patches.

It’s an easy method to illustrate the significant decrease in red-heat loss and the significant gain in heat retention. Different windows not only improve the aesthetics of your house but also have varying energy ratings and cost savings. Explore our variety of window types to start altering your house right away.

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