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If your door is underperforming, then upgrade to our energy efficient and high quality uPVC patio doors. Highland Homestyle supplies uPVC patio doors to homeowners in Pitlochry that will not only improve the performance of your home but also be an elegant addition to your home. Get in contact with us for more information.

uPVC Patio Door Experts 

Create a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your Pitlochry home with our stunning uPVC patio doors. When you install our uPVC patio doors, you will instantly notice the improvement in brightness and energy efficiency; with this installation, you can benefit from improved security, noise reduction and weather resistance. You will have easy access to your garden with wide opening doors to make the most of your space all year round. With many years of experience, we are your local patio door experts. You can trust your installation is in safe hands.


uPVC patio door Pitlochry

Customisable Design

With your uPVC patio door installation, you can take advantage of the many customisable features that can ensure a seamless addition to your home that won't compromise on style. Match the frames of your doors with the existing windows and doors with our range of customisable features, including wood grain, colour, glass and handle options.


Our patio doors are made from uPVC, which is a highly durable material, which means your home will be protected from all kinds of weather conditions whilst remaining in top state. uPVC is designed with durability in mind, which is why we use it within our patio doors to ensure they stand the test of time.

Expert Installation

Highland Homestyle has over 20 years of experience delivering home improvement solutions to homeowners in Pitlochry and the surrounding areas. We provide professional installations that meet high standards and all building regulations. We are proud to be Excellence as Standard scheme approved installers.

Highly Secure Patio Doors

As uPVC is a highly robust material, it is built to withstand strong forces and harsh weather conditions, making it a powerful deterrent against any intruder attempts. Our uPVC patio doors come with highly secure locks, handles and hinges. In fact, our doors come with multipoint locking systems for the ultimate security, so you can have peace of mind that your Pitlochry home and your loved ones are safe and secure at all times. We also integrate double glazing within our uPVC patio doors that are virtually impossible to break to ensure the glazing within your doors is as durable as the frames. Upgrade the security of your home with our uPVC patio door today.


uPVC patio door Pitlochry

Energy Efficient Patio Doors 

Our uPVC patio doors come with multi chambered technology which works by slowing down heat transfer so the warmth can’t escape your home making it an excellent insulator. This means your home in Pitlochry will stay warm in the winter months and ventilated in the summer months. Along with our highly energy efficient double glazing that includes two thick glass panes that trap air bubbles in between to reduce heat transfer, your doors will keep the cold breeze out and trap the warmth you produce inside. This means you can save money on your energy bills. 

Due to its large glass panes and slim frames, you can make the most of your garden and allow natural sunlight to spread across your space to create a brighter and warmer atmosphere. It has been found that more light makes you feel better and happier. So, a uPVC patio door installation will not only improve the thermal performance of your home but also create a more joyful environment.


uPVC patio door Pitlochry Prices

High Quality Design

Our uPVC patio doors are designed with the highest quality materials for a high quality that require minimal maintenance, making it an excellent investment for homeowners in Pitlochry. Due to their incredible longevity, they won’t rot, warp, or discolour, making it an investment that is manufactured to last a lifetime. Our uPVC patio doors are made to measure with up to 6 panels, making them a fully bespoke service so we can fit our doors in any home no matter the height or width.

uPVC patio door Pitlochry

uPVC Patio Door Prices

Transform your home in Pitlochry  now with our stunning uPVC patio doors that will improve the thermal comfort, security and appearance of your home. 

For more information, please get in touch with our friendly team, who are happy to help with any queries you may have. Call us at 01738 553 552 or email us at info@highlandhomestyle.co.uk.

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